The Art of Exhibition

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Jack Koeppel

Jack Koeppel

All About the Show — The Art of Exhibition

Tips, Tales and more with Jack Koeppel

January 18, 2013
11 AM

In this light-hearted presentation, Jack Koeppel of the Queenstown Gallery in Pennington, will share his expertise in promoting artists and their work.  Those interested in putting a professional polish on the presentation of their artwork can learn from Jack’s forty years of experience.

The topics covered are listed below.



The Art of Presentation – “Location, Location, Location”

            As good as the art can be it, it will be perceived by its presentation.

            That is to say, a poor framing job will affect even the best quality art.

            On seeing the world through Rose-colored glasses

            Keep it simple. Stay away from strong colors

            The main purpose of framing, aside from protection, is to isolate the work

Promoting Yourself – A Personal Website

            You must get the word out, no one else will

            How do exhibition organizers and curators find their art.

Photographing your work – Slide into the Digital World

           Today, even the inexperienced can take a good photo .

            Artists are no exception!

            Size matters, megabytes and more. What the news media needs.

When Opportunity Knocks – Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Please read the directions carefully before assembling this product”

            Smile please!

            Getting your art safely there and back


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