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We are here because of you.

Let’s keep moving forward, together.

Dear Friends of Ellarslie,

Where would we be without our supporters of this past year? In the face of our closure of more than six months, in the midst of an arts and culture landscape that is tested as never before, in the swirl of uncertainty that was 2020, one thing is clear: We are here because of you.

In this season of thanks, anticipation, and celebration, the Trenton Museum Society looks back with appreciation on a timeline whose moments, whether they were highs or lows, were always experienced together with our supportive and vibrant community.

We thank the historians and scholars and the visual and performing artists whose diverse offerings in 2019 and early 2020 made Ellarslie a gathering place for delightful and fascinating travels into the past, provocative views of the present, and vivid glimpses into the future.

We thank the artists who understood and supported us when we had to postpone, and then cancel, our 37th Ellarslie Open. We thank all who answered the call for the Ellarslie “Not-Quite-Open”, our unabashedly grassroots and first-ever digital-only show, followed by an online memorial show of works by our dearly missed friend Bob Sakson. How amazing to engage in new ways as crisis and loss collide with expressions of art and community spirit.

We thank the Guardian Angels whose financial support kept us going so that we could re-open to the public with a spic-and-span space and new safety measures to keep museum-goers safe within the sparkling jewel known as Ellarslie.

We thank the curators, planners, artists, and volunteers who stepped up and masked up to prepare for the September openings of On the Forefront and The Conversation Continues, history and art exhibitions that welcomed back longtime friends while attracting new visitors.

Financial challenges will remain, of course. This makes generous support from friends like you all the more important to our continued vitality. Let’s keep moving forward, together.

May you and yours be well this season and beyond,
Joan Perkes and the Board of Trustees
Trenton Museum Society

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