Trenton’s Treasures

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Watercolors by Marge Chavooshian
and Robert Sakson

October 9 through November 14, 2021

Carol Hill, Curator

From Carol Hill:

We celebrate the lives and the work of two of Trenton’s most iconic artists, Marge Chavooshian and Robert Sakson. They documented the lives and the places where they resided as well as the surrounding areas and beyond. Howell Farm (as depicted above) and Washington Crossing, PA, were favorites of Bob Sakson, depicting life on the farm and the history of Washington’s famous crossing and the sites that survive today. Travels to far-away countries expanded Marge Chavooshian views and her palette with a fresh eye.

Even though they were contemporary Trenton artists and lived only a mile apart, they seldom painted together. However, their work was shown in many of the same local exhibitions as well as regional shows where they received many awards, locally as well as nationally. In this exhibition we can appreciate the work of these talented, prolific artists with their fresh techniques. Sometimes spontaneous … sometimes with minute detail, they were both masters of the watercolor genre.

The Trenton City Museum at Ellarslie Mansion has been the recipient of their talents as they were included in numerous exhibitions over the years as well as sharing their talents for decades with the community. We are fortunate to present this retrospective of two of Trenton’s most cherished and talented artists … Marge and Bob. Enjoy! And remember, you can take home a treasure of your own!