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20+ Artists
6 Curated Shows
1 Museum

Meet the Curators and Artists at the OPENING RECEPTION
Saturday, December 3
5 to 8 p.m.

The Curators:

  • C.a. Shofed
  • Lank
  • Buck Malvo
  • Heather Palecek
  • Brass Rabbit
  • Habiyb Shu’aib

These are the curators who have been doing interesting things in respective locations for the last few years. Each one is inventive in their way, each making a special effort to highlight the talented art community in Trenton or discovering a hidden gem. None of them is unapproachable, all are artists in their own right. I’m proud to be working with each one of them.

C.a. Shofed, Lead Curator and Managing Director of Artworks Trenton