The Junior No. 1 Stories

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Join our Zoom talks for the stories uncovered while researching the building of Junior No. 1, the first junior high school built in the Eastern United States. The stories reveal forgotten Trenton history, and some of the stories are very much relevant today. Talks, on Thursdays at 7pm, are $10 individually. Scroll down to reserve, and we’ll send you link(s) to your selected remaining talks. Newly added, a FREE final talk April 1 at 7pm will revisit series highlights and offer a chance to ask more questions! Send an email (to to request your free Zoom link.




December 10

The building of Jr. No. 1 from 1914-1916, the first Junior High School in the East

Karl Flesch, David Bosted, Carol Hill, and Pat Allen

January 7

The Junior High School Movement and the building of Trenton’s other junior high school

David Bosted, Pat Allen, and Karl Flesch

January 21

Herman C. Mueller, School Board President and owner of the Mueller Mosaic Tile Company

Carol Hill and Karl Flesch

February 4

The Segregation/Desegregation of Trenton Schools:  Hedgepeth-Williams vs the Trenton Board of Education

Pat Allen and Karl Flesch

February 18

Photographing the Decaying Junior No. 1by J. Carlos Vargas (exterior) and Robert J. Sammons (interior)

Photographers J. Carlos Vargas and Robert J. Sammons, and Karl Flesch

February 25

William A Poland, Architect of Junior No. 1 and over 2,000 other buildings

David Bosted and Karl Flesch

March 4

Junior No. 1 School Days – a talk with former Principal Albert Williams and teachers

Former Principal Albert Williams, teachers, and Karl Flesch

March 18

April 1

The 1916 Polio Epidemic and the Building of Trenton’s Municipal Colony

FREE FINAL TALK on April 1 revisits highlights from the complete series! Request your free Zoom invitation by sending an email to

Pat Allen, Carol Hill, and Karl Flesch

All series speakers

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