Young Visions

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Artists Talk
Sunday, Dec. 15
3 pm

With curator Jennifer Garey and artists Cassaundra Flor and Maxine Sheaffer

Young Visions

November 16, 2019 — January 12, 2020
Jennifer Rubin Garey, Guest Curator

As young artists find their voice and establish their reputations, the Trenton Museum Society is pleased to highlight ten of them in YOUNG VISIONS. Their interpretations are on display as they balance the line between traditional, industrial, and contemporary work. Several of the artists have shown recently in Ellarslie Open 36 as up-and-coming artists to watch. Among them were prize winners Patrick Seufert, for his oil painting Duel Extension, and Cassaundra Flor whose large etching Aeolian Cityscape won Best in Show. The large, abstract paintings and sculptures of Vincent Hawley occupy the Malloy Gallery. The hyper-detailed animal portraits of Maxine Sheaffer fill the Holland Gallery.

Cayla Besler     Patrick Seufert
Dave Dimarchi     Maxine Sheaffer
Cassaundra Flor     Matthew Timek
Vincent Hawley     Megan Uhaze
Greg Mazur     Nicolas Valenza

“Young Visions highlights the dichotomy between traditional and commercial art represented through the interpretation of emerging artists. Working across a variety of disciplines, these artists engage in visual dialog within their own conceptual parameters. Meanwhile, they challenge the preconceived notions of what it is to be young and an artist.”
Jennifer Rubin Garey, Guest Curator