Wine and Artisanal Chocolates

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From Bean to Bar

Taste locally handcrafted chocolates paired with wines of your choice

Friday, January 31
7 – 9 pm


Come to Ellarslie for a one-of-a-kind, edible, entertaining, and educational evening!

Spend a wonderful, chocolatey night with David Fiscarelli of Earth Dog Chocolate Foundry tasting his handmade, artisanal chocolates. You have never tasted chocolates like this, and you will not have this opportunity again. Learn what real chocolate is and have fun pairing the chocolate with your favorite wines.

Learn about the bean to bar production process and why sustainability is so important in the cocoa supply chain. Become aware of “dark chocolate” and its impact on the environment. Learn why commercial “big chocolate” is a conflict resource. Experience for yourself what fine craft chocolate is and is not.

Classically trained at the French Culinary Institute in Manhattan, David Fiscarelli is best known to area foodies as the chef of the Wooden Horse Underground restaurant, a popular secret dining spot run out of his house.  In his current incarnation, David is the owner and founder of the craft chocolate processing company Earth Dog Chocolate Foundry. The name is an homage to the 11th animal of the Chinese zodiac.

“I find the name very auspicious; 2018 was the year of my first son’s birth and also the idea to become a small batch processor. The earth dog’s traits are also what we want to embrace in our company,” David said, explaining more about why he got into chocolate processing. 

“Culinarily speaking, learning to become a chocolatier was the hardest thing I ever did. It was a bit like The Divine Comedy by Dante because by the time I realized the difficulty of the journey, it was too late to turn back. Something that I thought would take no more than a weekend to learn took almost 6 months to become highly proficient in. To get to heaven you have to go through hell, I suppose, and the most logical step was to start a company.”

David is a lifelong resident of the Trenton area and currently lives in the Hiltonia section of the city with his wife Yahna, his son Luca and his German Shepherd Moxie.