The Conversation Continues

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Visual Language / Difference / Common Ground

Madelaine Shellaby, Curator

In the Museum through November 29

To ensure social distancing and other health measures, we will accommodate up to 25 persons in the museum at a given time and are offering timed entry sign-ups. Learn more here.

Unexpected narratives take form among grouped works of abstract art by 16 area artists:

  • Joyce Chen
  • Tim Eads
  • Lisa Fischetti
  • Terri Fridkin
  • Erika Gehringer
  • James Jansma
  • Shirley Kern
  • Marsha Levin-Rojer
  • Christina MacKinnon
  • Eva Mantell
  • Pat Martin
  • Florence Moonan
  • Jim Perry
  • Debbie Reichard
  • Richard Sanders
  • Adam Welch

Showcasing 46 abstract works that communicate predominantly through form rather than subject matter, Madelaine Shellaby has installed unexpected groupings that “converse” about their differences while drawing viewers into their conversations to perhaps find common ground among what is initially perceived as difference.

A conversation between In Living Color 1, by Shirley Kern, and Yes, This is Just Another Big Coil Pot, LOL, by Deborah Reichard