The Conversation Continues

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Opening September 26, 2020


Madelaine Shellaby, Curator

Inviting the viewer into conversations between works of art by 16 area abstract artists

  • Joyce Chen
  • Tim Eads
  • Lisa Fischetti
  • Terri Fridkin
  • Erika Gehringer
  • James Jansma
  • Shirley Kern
  • Marsha Levin-Rojer
  • Christina MacKinnon
  • Eva Mantel
  • Pat Martin
  • Florence Moonan
  • Jim Perry
  • Debbie Reichard
  • Richard Sanders
  • Adam Welch

A continuation from her earlier show, CONVERSATIONS, which featured works by nine artists, curator Madelaine Shellaby expands the original concept to feature 16 artists. The disparate works she has selected will invite viewers to examine more closely each individual composition and perhaps discover surprising insights.