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The Trenton Museum Society


Alvin Quinones, Absence of Evidence, Mixed Media


Sept. 17 – Nov. 13, 2016

Exhibit Highlighting Local and Regional Latino Artists at Ellarslie

and an afternoon of festivities in Cadwalader Park


In Spanish, Tertulia means gathering, especially a gathering of people interested in arts and culture. People of all ages and backgrounds are gathering at Ellarslie to appreciate the art and culture of Latino-Americans.

Visitors to the exhibit can expect to see work by well-known artists like hyper-realist and long-time Ellarslie exhibitor, David Rivera, Jose Anico showing striking modern landscapes, painting and sculpture by Dominican-born artist Julia Santos Solomon, and pieces by regional artists like Alvin Quinones whose figurative expressionistic work is being shown at Ellarslie for the first time.

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