King Solomon’s Mines – August 19

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Robeson Solomon

Movie Night at the Museum

Paul Robeson stars in the 1937 film,

King Solomon’s Mines

Friday, August 19, 2016

7:30 pm


Among his other talents, Paul Robeson’s acting prowess was well-known in his lifetime.

Join TMS for a night at the movies showing one of his most renowned films, King Solomon’s Mines. This 1937 British adventure film was the first of five film adaptations of the 1885 novel written by H. Rider Haggard and is considered to be the most faithful to the book.

Fortune hunter Patrick O’Brien has left his daughter Kathy and guide Umbopa (Robeson) to trek across the desert in hopes of finding the fabled diamond mines of Solomon. Worried about her father, Kathy persuades hunter Allan Quartermain to lead a party to rescue him. After surviving the desert they are found by natives and brought to their chief, Twala. Umbopa reveals himself to be the true heir to the tribal throne, having been exiled years earlier by Twala and the tribal witch, Gagool. Quartermain’s only hope to gain access to the mines and the possible rescue of O’Brien is to try to help Umbopa regain his rightful place as chief. (Written by Doug Sederberg <>)

The evening will be complete with popcorn and beverage.

Buy your tickets for $10 here or pay at the door.