History and Beauty: Valued Collections of the TMS Membership

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History and Beauty: Valued Collections of the Trenton Museum Society Membership

May 22, 2010 – September 19, 2010

Twenty members of the Trenton Museum Society responded to an open invitation to loaned artifacts, ephemera and artwork to this exhibit.

Historical artifacts include many rare photographs of old Trenton scenes; 19th century ceremonial ribbons and items from fraternal organizations; shoehorns, buttonhooks and trade cards from 19th century shoe stores; early Trenton newspapers; souvenirs, photos and ephemera from the Trenton Inter-State Fair; artifacts from the Stacy-Trent Hotel, one of the city’s grand hotels; early 20th century Trenton souvenir china; and old Trenton pennants.

For those who are interested in Trenton pottery, there are cases of beautiful silver-overlay porcelain from the world-famous pottery companies of Ott & Brewer, Ceramic Arts Company, Willets Manufacturing and Lenox, art pottery from the Trenton Potteries Company (seen here), and early redware plates and scrip jugs.

Also on display is a rare 1874 map showing a bird’s-eye view of Trenton, Native American artifacts from the nationally significant Abbott Farm historic site, a huge collection of porcelain hand molds from one to three feet tall on which gloves were made in Trenton, an early Trenton-made pocket watch, 19th century stereoviews of the old State Capitol, and early 20th century souvenir paperweights.

The walls are covered with paintings by well-known Trenton artists Thomas Malloy, Marge Chavooshian, Friebis Siegfried, Lew Williams, Lorraine Raywood, Joy Sacalis (Maurer), Thom Sommerville, Robert Sakson, Earl Lewis, Larry Chestnut, Marguerite Doernbach, Robert Lafond, Eric Fowler, George Ivers, Tom Kelly, Siri Om Singh, Joyce Fousek and Henry R. MacGinnis, etchings by George Bradshaw, woodcuts by Wendell Brooks, an embossed print by Antonio Berni, and drawings by Molly Merlino, Robin Robinson and Peggy Peplow (Gummere). And if they are not known to you, come and become acquainted with these wonderful artists.

The galleries contain sculptures by well-known Trenton sculptors George Ivers (seen here), Laura Sommerville, James Colavita and Susan Hogan.