Ellarslie Open 35 juror and accepted works

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Ellarslie Open 35

Juried Exhibit

May 5 – July 1

Opening reception at Ellarslie
Friday, May 4, 2018, 6-9 pm
VIP Night, Announcement of Awards at 7 pm
Saturday, May 5 , 2018 6 – 8 pm – General Public

Gallery Talk
Sunday May 20, 2018, 2 pm
Award winners discuss their work with the public.


Juror and Accepted Works

Heather Campbell Coyle, Juror

Chief Curator, Delaware Art Museum

Heather Campbell Coyle is Chief Curator and Curator of American Art at the Delaware Art Museum. She is the editor and lead author of several catalogues, including Howard Pyle: American Master Rediscovered, Fashion, Circus, Spectacle: Photographs by Scott Heiser, and John Sloan’s New York. A specialist in the art of the Ashcan School, she has also published and curated exhibitions on Leonard Baskin, Harold Edgerton, William Glackens, Gertrude Käsebier, Bruce Katsiff, and the Society of Independent Artists. Dr. Coyle lectures and researches primarily on photography, illustration, and American art from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Her projects for 2018 include the exhibitions African American Art: Migration and Modernism, Danny Lyon: Memories of the Southern Civil Rights Movement, and Drawings of the Montgomery Bus Boycott: Harvey Dinnerstein and Burton Silverman.



Thank you to the 277 artists who submitted 516 works.  Congratulations to the artists with accepted work.  And many thanks to Heather Coyle for a fine job as juror.  Our patrons will be delighted by a show full of surprises.

Accepted Works

First Last Name Title
Bobbie Adams Longway Home
Kathleen Amon The Peacock
Ry An Snakes
Sherri Andrews Tranquil Rolling Hills
Sherri Andrews Abstract Poppies in a Vase
Bob Barish Holcombe Jimesen Farm
Joy Barth The Letter
Joy Barth Rain Gestures
Constance K. Bassett Aquifer
James Bassett Buckmaster Neck
Sarah Becktel Ashore
Alia Bensliman Golden Rebirth
Aida Birritteri A New Beginning
Mechtild Bitter Crater of the Moon
Mechtild Bitter Independent
Mic Boekelmann Tempest
Beatrice Bork Signs of Change
Christopher Bosse Soaking in the View
Myhanh Bosse Humble Grass
Gail Bracegirdle Phalenopsis “Moth”
Patti Bradeis Tenacity
Michael Budden Winter Wonderland, Plaza
Jean Burdick Morning View
Jean Burdick Remaining I
David Cann Shekhinah
David Cann Lamenting the End
Maryann Cannon Late Afternoon
Joan Capaldo Monkey Ride
Sean Carney The Red Cottage
Philip Carroll Linens
Jeff Charlesworth Buckingham Barn
Jeanne Chesterton Protector
Sue Chiu Mother’s Outfit
Sue Chiu Zen
Cynthia Ciccone Borinquen 2
Brendon Connors Sandhill Cranes
Marlene Craig Exotica
Tiarah Crawford Citizen
Laurel Daunis-Allen A Peaceful Place
Ingrid Davis In the Studio
Susanne Pitak Davis Madonna be Reptiles
R. L. DeFalco Solitude’s Embrace
Connie Dierks Across the Field
Connie Dierks Moon River
Morris Docktor Stoic
Morris Docktor Take Out
Mary Dolan The Bed on my Easel
Joanne Donnelly Dawn
Deborah Eater Firebird
Renee Egan Winter Ride
Sue Ann Erickson Raven the Creator
Lisa Falkenstern Springtime
lisa Falkenstern Steampunk Pear
Tracey Femiano The Escape
Terri Fraser Backyard#4
Oki Fukunaga Hanger Crystal 52
Maurice Galimidi Moe
Ann Gannon Along the Coast
Ann Gannon Rachel
Harry Georgeson Yiorgos, the Greek
Richard Gerster Morning Cock
Joseph Gilchrist Clearing Skies Over Marshall Point Light
Alan Ginsberg Man With a Point of View
Jeff Gola Cookstown Corner
Lionel Goodman The Framer
Rebecca Graham Victor
Rebecca Graham 1256
Diane Greenberg First Dance
John Gummere Friday Night Lafayette St.
Kimberlee Habel Peaceful Parcel at Tyler
Kat Hamilton Unruly Waters
Glenn Harren Canal Path
Elisa Hirvonen Pay Attention
Lynne Hoffman Barn, III
Kayla Holt Black & White
Joyce Inderbitzin Dance
Joyce Inderbitzin Tea for Two
Armor Keller Pillar of Gold
Maxine King Monica of the Flowers
Joanna Krasnansky Newtown Friends Meetinghouse
Jo Krish Northern Lights
Jo Krish Pitcher Plants
Renee Kumar Immunity
Amy Lee Raw Grace XL
Richard Lennox Juncture
Fran Leyenberger Bunny Treasure Box
Fran Leyenberger Owl Treasure Box
Fran Leyenberger Lobster Treasure Box
Ryan Lilienthal Coffee on Nassau
Cara London On the Road Again II
Cara London NYT Recycling
Robert Lowe Ready to Launch
Lyric Lucas Stillness of Being
Carol Magner Ageing (3 pieces)
Carol Magner Joie De Vivre
Rory Mahon Samara
Barbara March October Storm
Antoinette Marchfeldes Tears of Gratitude
vinitar Mathur Waiting in Vain
Joyce Mc Afee One Rooster
Barbera Mc Dougall Enduring Friendship
Michael McFadden Black Water
Kathleen McSherry Resounding Belle
Richard Merrill BoomBox Angel
Aine Mickey Is This What You Want
Colleen A. Miller Mother Earth’s Story As Art
Colleen A. Miller Winds of My Soul
Marge Milne Jillian
Pearl Mintzer Feasting in Philly French Style
R.A. Mitchell Elegance, Balanced
Marylyn Modny Pima Warrior
Thom Montanari Dick’s Beacher
Paul Mordesky Phalanx
Mark Moscarello Flight
Kimberlee Nentwig In Captivity
Caryn Newman Verdigris
Caryn Newman Wonder Woman
Jason Norton Almost There
Renate Novak Dancing Trees
Ann O’Connor Gordon Bird Person
Ann O’Connor Gordon The Geographer
Elizabeth Oberman Central Park Duet
Heather Palecek Portrait of a Tree 1
Michael V. Pascucci Man with Ball
Janis Blayne Paul Upstream Downstream
Deborah Pey Jungle Mysteries
Deborah Pey Origami Mystery
Valerie Pfaff David
John Piccoli End the Shootings
Dallas Piotrowski Night Music
Vandella Poe Sprung, But Sitting Pretty
Vandella Poe The Pond
Michelle Post Stormy Skies
Ivar Raphael Muttvessel
Nancy Reese Gathering
Nancy Reese Leaves
Maia Reim Terms of Separation
Roy Reinard Delaware, Ice Light
Karen Repka Captain
Bruce Riley Passage Between Parallels
Robert Sabo Modern Age
Robert Sakson Garage Clock
Carol McClure Sanzalone Sun-splashed Fence on George Street
Frank Sauer Heron
Frank Sauer Beech
Mardi Schleinkofer Vintage Big Cat
Mardi Schleinkofer Early “Ben-Amun”
Christa Schneider Broken Faces
Kathy Schroeher Foggy Morning, Maine Coast
Everett H. Scott Happy Hour at Lenox Saphire
Ayala Shimelman Spring II
C. A. Shofed Dream Griffith 2/15
J. Marion Simmons The Art Students Cast Room
J. Marion Simmons The Protectorate
SiriOm Singh Drizzly Day
Raymond Skibinski Male Torso
Priscilla Snow Algava Future Holds Hope, Healing & Abundance
Leslie Ross Stephens Auto Intoxication
Karen Stolper Wreath
Lucia Stout Heidi’s View
Judith Sutton Laundry Basket
Jas Szygiel Autumn Twilight
Beverly Thomas Weekend Retreat
H. Patricia Tieman Warmth
Jack Turkel Pallet of Sandals
Megan Uhaze Brave New World
Charles David Viera Heroes of the Western World
Samuel Vovsi Discarded
Janine Dunn Wade Hellebore & Pansies
Edward Ward Kindred
Janice Watson Quotations
Andrew Werth Awareness #1
Gloria Wiernik Hazy Hamlet
Claude Winn Anthea
Susan Winter Icy Reflections
Patricia S. Worley Hector
Christina Young Crooked Little City
Ewa Zeller Nasturtium




Pick up of unaccepted work
Friday, March 23, 12-4 pm
Saturday, March 24, 9 – 4
March 28 – March 31, noon – 4

Opening reception at Ellarslie
Friday, May 4, 2018, 6-8 pm
VIP Night, Announcement of Awards at 7 pm
Saturday, May 5 , 2018 6 – 8 pm – General Public

Gallery Talk
Sunday May 20, 2018, 2 pm
Award winners discuss their work with the public

Exhibition closes
Pick up of artwork with receipt
Sunday, July 1, 2018, at close of show 4 – 6 pm only
Thursday, July 5, 2018 – Saturday, July 7, noon – 4 pm