Concert and Closing Reception: Painting the Moon and Beyond

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Featuring the concert Nocturnes, Arias, and Artistic Memories

Saturday, April 30
1-4 p.m.
Trenton City Museum

“The Cello Player,” Eric Schultz, by Mel Leipzig

Mel Leipzig painted “Woodland Vase” on site at Trenton City Museum

Enjoy a moon- and art-inspired concert of Nocturnes, Arias, and Artistic Memories with Eric Schultz and Mira Kang on cello and Sandra Pucciatti on piano during the closing reception for this acclaimed exhibition. During the reception, we will also formally accept into the Museum’s collection the painting “Woodland Vase,” by Mel Leipzig, who painted the artwork on site in the Trenton City Museum. Seated in the painting, from left, are Joan Perkes, Carolyn Stetson, James Strobel, and Carol Hill.

Cellist Eric Schultz, who will perform Nocturnes, Arias, and Artistic Memories, is a producer and director of arts programming, including State of the Arts. Mira Kang is an accomplished concert soloist who has appeared on many renowned stages. Sandra Pucciatti is the Managing Director of Boheme Opera NJ.

Read about the history of the Woodland Vase, one of four distinct and highly decorative vases produced for the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis. Thought to have been lost or destroyed for decades, it surfaced in a California auction and was purchase by the Trenton Museum Society.