Camera Work 2013

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Martin Schwartz  Village Bus

Martin Schwartz Village Bus

 August 9 — September 22, 2013

The Trenton City Museum has invited the photographers selected for Ellarslie Open 30 back to the museum to display their work in the new exhibit, Camera Work 2013.

The show includes photographs by Bill Hoo, Peter Cook, Richard DeFalco, Joseph Gilchrist, Dwight Harris, Mary Leck, Ed Nyul, Martin Schwartz, John Slavin, Igor Svibilsky, Kristina Tregnan and Kevin Hogan and pays tribute to the first group of early 20th century photographers who dared to call their work ART.

Alfred Stieglitz (1864–1946) was an American born photographer who championed the idea that photography was on par with the accepted mediums of painting and sculpture in its ability to convey artistic expression. To promote this belief, Stieglitz edited, from 1902 to 1917, the impressive publication of the Camera Club of New York called Camera Work.

A survey of photographs included in this past spring’s Ellarslie Open revealed an immense diversity of styles, technique and printing. The cross-section of works on display in Camera Work 2013 represents how Stieglitz’s original concept of a photograph being able to convey mood and evoke emotion has been passed down, re-interpreted, and refined over the last century. The installation includes several selections on subjects ranging from people to places, including Classical Italy, Europe, Route 66, and the natural world.