The Trenton City Museum should be more than a building with static exhibits. It should be community oriented and present an eve1 changing picture which preserves and displays Trenton’s history, past and present. It should emphasize our divergent cultures and nationalities and the role they have played and are playing in the development of our city. The museum should be a showcase for the many contributions, locally and nation­ally, Trenton has made and is making in all fields. It must be a place to provide educational experiences, to be used by all of Trenton’s citizens, to be visited and re-visited.

We feel that these aims can best be met if the Museum will provide:

  1. Changing exhibitions of historic and contemporary interest relating to Trenton.

II. A permanent exhibit of a room of the period during which the house was built and served as the McCall homes. (1840-1860)

III. A permanent exhibit of the porcelain for which Trenton has achieved world-wide fame.

IV. An active program appealing to the varied interests of citizens of all ages including speakers, fil~, concerts, demonstrations by contemporary artists and artisans, discussion meetings, town hall forums, etc.

  1. Educational and research facilities such as books, records and tapes. These should be cross indexed and supplement the Trentoniana collection of the Trenton Free Public Library.

VI. An area which could be adapted for social activities consisting of openings, fund raising activities, holiday celebrations, etc., and which could be made available to community groups.